Subventions gouvernementales


Vous êtes intéressés par des programmes de financements gouvernementaux fédéraux et provinciaux.

Vous cherchez un soutien du gouvernement fédéral.

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Specializing in the search for federal and provincial funding and government relations, our agency will provide you with the structure and methodology necessary to achieve your strategic business development objectives. This ensures that you are aware of all the grant programs to which you are entitled and their eligibility criteria. In addition, we will be there to support you in their application and to ensure your relations with the government.



Our offer …

Whatever your financing needs or government business relationships, we are here to find you the best programs and ensure effective support from the federal government.

Business Development

To identify the right government clients and get appointments.

Government Affairs

To develop your government affairs strategy, contact officials in Ottawa, or sell your products to the federal government.

Non-dilutive financing

Our extensive experience with federal and provincial funding programs allows us to find you the grants to which you are entitled, among the 4500 existing ones. Our specialty: the Strategic Innovation Fund!


As registered lobbyists, we provide a full range of services in government relations, business development programs and strategic advice.

Strategic Advice

Benefit from 30 years of experience in Canada and Europe, from our experts in corporate strategy.


A Team of Professionals

Philip Murphy Honeybadger Zebre Strategie

Philip Murphy


Spécialiste des affaires publiques, de l’aéronautique, du medtech et de l’innovation, il sera votre relais avec le gouvernement fédéral.


Web Marketing Specialist

Sandrine Lassalle

Directrice Générale

Spécialiste de l’agroalimentaire, du développement durable et du greentech, vos projets obtiendront le meilleur financement possible. 



Our Areas of Specialization


After more than 10 years as VP of Government Relations at MDA, programs dedicated to aeronautics and aerospace are our specialty.


Selling internationally, participating in a trade show, promoting your products, finding distributors or registering a brand abroad, all this can be subsidized,


Medical, green technologies, food or manufacturing, there is no shortage of innovation projects… Neither do subsidies!


To limit the risks of your farm, reduce the use of pesticides or simply support dairy or poultry production,

Sustainable development

The environment is important to you and you have integrated it into your business strategy, it is time to be helped and rewarded for the efforts made,


From the robotization of your production lines to the implementation of a quality system, we control the sources of financing for your projects.

Subsidy Programs

Our latest successes…

As a privileged interlocutor for Canadian industry leaders, we are used to applying for programs in innovation, sustainable development technologies, export, robotization, etc.

We have become the specialists in these grants. This has allowed us to raise several million dollars for our clients while conserving their time and resources.

Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

$10 million minimum for all your industrial innovation projects…

Sustainable Development Technologies (STDC)

$3.7 million to support the reduction of phytosanitary inputs in agriculture

Exports & Marketing

$130,000 to benefit from an export diagnosis and prospect abroad

Robotization and Automation

$375,000 to modernize a production line and implement a CSR and FSSC 22000 system


Try Our Method


We will provide you with a list of all the grant programs to which you are entitled.

This is your opportunity to determine your roadmap for funding opportunities

Strategic Planning

We will work with you to define the priority of the company’s various projects according to the financing opportunities.

The funding strategy sets out short-, medium- and long-term funding objectives.

Application to Programs

Once the funding strategy has been approved, we proceed with the applications to the various government programs chosen according to your priorities.


Recognized by Canada’s top companies


The numbers speak for themselves…



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A word from our director

Create Your Own Opportunities

“I am always fascinated by the creativity of companies and the innovation of their projects. But also very surprised by the lack of knowledge of the funding opportunities they could benefit from…”

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