Strategic Management Consulting

Optimize your departments


Coaching d’entreprises et consulting pour propriétaires & entrepreneurs qui souhaitent créer ou améliorer leurs différents départements



Structure your departments

Demand the Premium

Our seasoned experts are ready to shape, consolidate and elevate the various facets of your organization. Benefit from a range of high-end and tailor-made services, without the cost of hiring an executive to strategically manage your business. We will equip you with the best processes designed to boost the growth of your SME.


Our offer


Élaborez des plans de croissance durables pour rester en tête du marché


Forge a strong employer brand to attract and retain top talent


Améliorez l’efficacité opérationnelle pour surpasser les standards industriels


Design a marketing strategy from CRM to customer experience to captivate your market


Implement ISO standards and secure quality at every level of your operation


Créez une identité visuelle mémorable avec des designs uniques qui incarnent votre vision

A tailor-made offer

Structure Your Business

Strengthen each sector of your business with the cutting-edge expertise of Zebra Strategy. Our consultants transform your organization with customized solutions in HR, quality, operations, marketing and more. Take advantage of our specialized management at a lower cost and without long-term commitment for an immediate competitive advantage.


Choose Your Method

Our experts are here to guide you through personalized coaching and take the reins with turnkey solutions when it comes to implementing effective strategies for your business



Our experts will develop tailor-made coaching to shape your teams’ leadership and strategic skills. Our one-on-one coaching focuses on professional development for informed decision-making and effective management.


Delegate the creation and optimization of your departments to our experts who act as an execution force within your company. We intervene directly to implement optimized strategies, improve processes and drive growth


Our in-house training courses are designed to maximize your team’s potential. Interactive and practical sessions offer current and applicable knowledge for dynamic and sustainable skills development.

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