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Exporting to Europe - Zèbre stratégie

Compliance and operation in Canada-Europe

Would you like to ensure that your Korean products meet Canadian or European regulatory standards, and manage your operations in these markets efficiently?

Business networks and opportunities


Are you looking for a trusted partner to organize your business meetings, connect you with the right contacts, and propel your expansion into Canadian or European markets?

Icone rayonner - Zebra strategy

International marketing strategy

You want to adapt your products to European and Canadian audiences while retaining the authenticity of your Korean identity…

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Our solutions

Compliance and operations in Canada-Europe


Our team of experts will help you set up your business and bring your products into line with local regulations:

→ Company registration and start-up

→ International taxation

→ Regulatory advice

→ Product conformity

→ Recruitment and HR department

Obtaining work permits

→ Logistics support and operations management

Business network and development opportunities


Our vocation is to provide you with qualified meetings and to be your relay in Canada or Europe:


→ Market research

Search for strategic partners

→ Organizing qualified meetings

Contacts with local institutions

Connection to distribution networks

→ On-site assistance

International marketing strategy and interculturality


Our mission is to develop your visibility so that the notoriety you enjoy is reflected in your new market:


Cultural adaptation of products to the local market

Preparing and training teams for different countries

Local press relations

Social media campaign

High-end events


What our customers say

“I highly recommend Zèbre stratégie for their services in EU strategic planning and regulation. I look forward to working with them again on future projects!”

Rachel Tardif, General manager Gaspé Cured

“Zèbre stratégie enabled us to meet the relays we needed for our project. Their knowledge of institutions, their professional network and their communication skills are real assets. This is our relay in Quebec!!!”

Guillaume Dulimbert, President Check it

“Zèbre stratégie is extremely efficient. I worked with them on the development of Bakfull beer in the West Indies. Their culture and experience were decisive. I was particularly impressed by their ‘out of the box’ creativity. A sure bet!”

Jacques Boulogne, Bakfull co-founder

“Writing a grant application requires a lot of detail and time. Zèbre stratégie helped me get more than we asked for. I was able to concentrate on my business activities”.

Francis Bluteau, CEO BluePearl Distillerie
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