Zèbre Stratégie is expanding internationally!

Localized solutions to better meet your needs

At Zebre Strategie, we are delighted to announce our international deployment with the launch of 3 new segmented websites, dedicated specifically to our clients in Canada, Europe, and Asia. This evolution marks a significant step in our mission to provide internationalization strategy, strategic management, international marketing strategy and financing research solutions finely tuned to the realities and needs of each market.


Why localized sites?

We have noted that while our overall mission is to help and support you in your internationalization, the challenges and opportunities our clients face vary greatly from region to region.

Whether it’s regulatory nuances, cultural specificities or local economic trends, our new websites allow us to more precisely target the needs of our clients in each region.

In Canada, Europe and Asia, our services are designed to provide you with tailored advice and strategies that speak directly to your business reality.


Region-Specific Content

Our sites for Canada, Europe and Asia deliver tailored content, in locally spoken languages, ranging from local case studies, market-specific insights, to the latest internationalization and international marketing strategies. This allows us to share more relevant knowledge and offer solutions that resonate with each client’s unique ambitions and challenges.

For Canada

Thus, our Canadian site will focus on 3 specific service offerings:

  • Strategic management, with advice and support to structure and improve your internal services with a view to internationalisation
  • the international strategy to prepare you to access Europe’s markets safely with effective planning tailored to your needs
  • and the Search for Financing, which will allow you, through current government subsidy programs, to finance the compliance of your products and services and your international expansion.

For Europe

Our French site will be a real gateway to Canada with 3 services dedicated specifically to French companies wishing to export or develop in Canada:

  • Our Compliance and Operations department will allow you to have a real relay on site to manage all your implementation operations and bring your products and services into compliance with local regulations
  • Our Business Development and Networking department will connect you with the key players in your sector of activity and organize your business meetings.
  • Our international marketing strategy department will ensure that your product and campaigns resonate with Canadian consumers while maintaining your unique identity. We’ll also be able to help you navigate Canada’s complex media landscape
Zebre Strategie Deployment in Asia

For Asia

While waiting for the creation of our offices in South Korea, we have developed a site for the Asian continent to extend our consulting and support services to SMEs, which would like to benefit from the 2 existing free trade agreements with Canada and Europe.

Our services have been designed to allow them to access these 2 markets:

  • Compliance and operations for Europe and Canada. Our experts specialising in European and Canadian regulations will help you comply with local regulatory requirements. Our mobile team will also travel to Asia if you choose to implement a quality system that meets the strictest international standards (see service offer). We will also be your on-site relay to set up your plant in Canada or Europe.
  • Business development and networking to connect South Korean SMEs to the right interlocutors in Canada or Europe thanks to our offices and team on site and our wide network with local institutions and stakeholders.
  • International marketing strategy to adapt Asian products to European or Canadian markets while maintaining their unique cultural identity.

Commitment & Personalized Services

We invite our customers and prospects to visit our classic zebrestrategie.com site and depending on your geographical location (determined by your IP address) you will be redirected directly to the site corresponding to your region. You will be able to discover the services that are specifically designed for you. Through these platforms, we reinforce our commitment to being closer to you, better understanding your needs, and interacting in a more meaningful way.

Our goal?

Establish a close and tailor-made collaboration that propels your company towards new horizons.


An Invitation to Collaborate

Zèbre Stratégie is more than an internationalization and strategic management company; It’s a partner dedicated to your global growth and success.

Visit our new locations for Canada, Europe, and Asia and find out how we can support you in your international expansion.

We look forward to working with you and celebrating your successes on the world stage together.” For more information and to stay connected with our latest insights and strategies, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

At Zebre Strategie, your overall success is our mission. Welcome to this new era of borderless opportunity.

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